These customer quotes demonstrate how the health systems we work with are driving better processes and better outcomes with Clinical Process Improvement solutions. Read on to better understand the value LogicStream Health is delivering at health systems throughout the United States.

Customer Quotes

“With LogicStream, our medical leadership and operational teams have self-service access to Community Medical Centersinformation they need to drive standardized care delivery and tremendous insight into where clinical process and care delivery improvements can be made.” — Dr. Judi Binderman, VP-Corporate CMIO at Community Medical Centers

“LogicStream empowers us to make discoveries and improvements to our current clinical processes and helps identify the most suitable improvements to our clinical processes around care delivery and clinical processes we are addressing.” — Dr. Mark Kestner, Chief Medical Innovation Officer at Community Regional Medical Center

“We use LogicStream to give us clinically meaningful ways to analyze the multiple EHR-based clinical tools we have deployed across our University of Virginia Medical Centerorganization.” — Dr. Jason Lyman, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer at University of Virginia Medical Center

“We use LogicStream to help drive adoption of evidence-based best practices and measure how the care our providers deliver is impacting clinical outcomes.” — Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer at University of Virginia Medical Center

“LogicStream provides the information we need to have intelligent interventions and targeted conversations as we tie clinical workflows to our Hospital Sisters Health Systemoutcomes. The system gives our medical directors and department heads critical access to information they can’t get from anything currently implemented, including the EHR.” — Michelle Smith, Chief Performance Improvement Officer of Information and Technology Services at Hospital Sisters Health System

“LogicStream will be key to standardizing our clinical content to deliver highly reliable health care for the long-term. LogicStream allows us to monitor and measure how our clinical processes are adopted and the impact they have on outcomes.” — Ray Gensinger, MD, Chief Information Officer at Hospital Sisters Health System

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