LogicStream Health to Demonstrate New Clinical Process Improvement Modules for Sepsis, VTE and CAUTI at the 2017 IHI National Forum

MINNEAPOLIS, MN , Dec. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LogicStream Health, a leading clinical software provider supporting hundreds of hospitals nationwide, today introduced an initial series of innovative clinical process modules that will enable clinical teams to better control and quickly improve processes related to sepsis; catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI); and, venous thromboembolism (VTE). The company’s clinical process modules are available today and are the first among a series of tools planned for future release by the company, powered by its software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise clinical process control and improvement platform.

Each clinical process module is designed and packaged with ‘out-of-the-box’ capability to improve specific clinical workflow and compliance related to sepsis, CAUTI and VTE; clinical priorities for many healthcare organizations in today’s value-based care era.

“Our clinical process modules represent breakthrough, one-of-a-kind technology for healthcare organizations, and they are a must-have capability to improve broken and inefficient clinical processes,” said Patrick Yoder, LogicStream Health CEO and co-founder. “We’ve designed our new sepsis, CAUTI and VTE clinical process modules to monitor, bundle and validate applicable clinical rationale and evidence. The platform then quickly and easily distills this information into specific, high-impact, evidence-based process interventions. LogicStream Health’s platform now offers this pre-built framework that eliminates the time-consuming effort health systems currently experience. This allows them to move quickly and gain instant insights as they address initiatives most important to their organization.”

According to Brita Hansen, M.D., LogicStream Health Chief Medical Officer, clinical process modules running in near-real-time on the LogicStream Health platform allow clinicians and improvement teams to perform gap analyses to better align EHR content with current, evidence-based process interventions and root-cause analyses to truly understand and fix problems in clinical processes.

“Our pre-built tools are also available for workflow analysis to streamline existing EHR content to eliminate unnecessary care variation and provide recommendations about the best EHR workflows that will improve care and reduce cost,” said Dr. Hansen.

“LogicStream Health provides unique instant insights that allow clinicians to easily monitor and manage each individual intervention in the clinical process at multiple levels across the organization: from a system-wide level down to individual clinician level. Our pre-packaged clinical process modules also present higher-level visualization of metrics that tie the individual process interventions directly to clinical outcomes and intermediate process measures,” added Dr. Hansen.

“Finally, all the work done on creation, management and improvement of clinical processes is of great benefit when there is wide adoption by clinicians. Without adoption, attempts to improve clinical process are ineffective. Therefore, our unique solution leverages a very powerful clinical process control and improvement platform to facilitate the arduous task of change management and adoption across clinical teams and, ultimately, drive better outcomes,” said Mr. Yoder.

Mr. Yoder said actionable information in the hands of empowered and instantly insightful clinical teams to control and improve clinical process such as sepsis, CAUTI and VTE in near-real-time is the best path to sustainable competitive advantage for health systems intent on thriving in the era of value-based care.

About LogicStream Health

LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s clinical process control and improvement SaaS platform stands alone in its ability to help customers gain instant insights to improve vital clinical processes and patient care. As a result, customers reduce cost and improve outcomes. Healthcare customers are saving millions of dollars on the LogicStream Health platform, for example, by reducing high-cost medications; achieving significant reductions in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI); and, reaching nearly 100% compliance with venous thromboembolism (VTE) protocols. The LogicStream Health SaaS platform is ‘must-have’ technology enabling clinical teams to quickly improve clinical processes in near-real-time, and is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by end-user clinicians, informaticists, data analysts, and executive teams striving to manage and improve clinical processes in near-real-time. LogicStream Health, developed by clinicians for clinicians, today is supporting hundreds of hospitals on a scalable and sustainable technology platform to standardize process and deliver highly reliable healthcare.