LogicStream hosts CAUTI reduction webinar with SCL Health

On Thursday, May 5, 2016, Jen Biltoft, system manager of clinical effectiveness, and Marla Bare, clinical architect, from SCL Health hosted a CAUTI reduction webinar and discussed the clinical process measurement they applied to care delivery to achieve great results in a very short time period. In the 60-minute webinar, Reducing CAUTI and Early Sepsis Detection Through Clinical Process Measurement, Biltoft, PharmD, and Bare, RN, were joined by Dan Rubin, MD, MHI, chief medical officer and co-founder of LogicStream Health.

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Biltoft and Bare shared with the audience why reducing CAUTI was so important to their health system and the processes they implemented to see such great reductions. In just three months with the LogicStream Platform, SCL Health was able to reduce their rate of CAUTI across the nine hospital health system by 30%. They expect further reductions as they continue to get greater physician adoption of the nurse driven protocol implemented and are able to follow-up with providers who are not following best practices in care delivery.

With the LogicStream Platform, SCL Health is able to determine any providers who are using methods that unnecessarily vary from the approved best practice in order to standardize the placement, maintenance and removal of Foley catheters. They are also able to tie the patient encounters where the best practice was used to the outcome for that patient, thereby measuring not only the patient outcome, but the process by which that patient was cared for while under the watch of SCL Health clinicians.

Now that SCL Health has seen the positive results in just a short time period after instituting new care protocols around CAUTI, the health system is applying those learnings to the early detection of sepsis, and expecting similar results. The early returns are promising.

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