Better Data, Better Healthcare

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Health Systems

Our cloud-based clinical software gathers data from core clinical systems including electronic health records, automated dispensing systems, wholesale distribution, and time and attendance. For ten years, thousands of leading hospitals and clinics have been running LogicStream software to gain instant insight into better patient care, improve workflow, and boost operating performance.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences organizations are connecting with leading healthcare systems that have greenlighted, through The LogicStream Health Clinical Data Collaborative™, access to unique, de-identified datasets supporting rapid R&D, trials, and market availability of advanced cures. These aggregated data comprise clinical interactions captured daily across 4,100 U.S. hospitals and clinics.

Analytics Partners

Partners in the supply chain, payor, technology, life sciences, R&D and public health are accessing an unmatched daily source of aggregated and normalized clinical data to support their pursuit of discovery, innovation and resiliency.