Health System Solutions

Health systems and their pharmacies rely on our market-leading clinical data management system that automatically gathers data from core clinical systems including electronic health records, automated dispensing systems, wholesale distributors and other drug suppliers, compounding and repackaging systems, and time and attendance systems.

Pharmacy & Informatics Solutions

Our pharmacy solutions enable our partners in health systems and pharmacies to leverage a clean, well-structured clinical data set to recognize important patterns and to solve their most difficult problems. Learn more about our targeted solutions:

Diversion Surveillance

Identify and examine high-risk events where diversion may be occurring and see a full picture of the clinicians involved in those events.

The software provides automation, advanced analytics, and machine learning to stay on top of diversion risks, assist in all workflow and documentation, including investigations.

Drug Shortages & Supply

Use AI to identify upcoming shortages 4-8 weeks prior to alerts from public sources, providing time to adjust inventory and care recommendations.

Automatically analyze shortages to identify sources of demand, optimize buying strategies, build a plan to manage the shortage, and communicate with stakeholders.

Clinical Process Improvement

Use sophisticated analytics and AI to automate medication use evaluation leading to high-quality care and optimization of drug costs.

Analyze and manage the design of formularies, order sets, oncology protocols, and related EHR content to manage medication use and optimize patient outcomes, improve clinician engagement, and revenue.