Diversion Surveillance

Drug diversion puts your patients at risk. It victimizes your clinical staff. It’s a regulatory compliance challenge. It can suddenly undermine the trust you’ve built within your community. You can’t eradicate the problem of drug diversion once and for all, so instead you must be vigilant. Now is the time to modernize so you can stay one step ahead of diversion risks.

It Starts With Data…the More the Better

In the past, data-driven tools for diversion management amounted to reports from automated dispensing systems (ADSs). Now, those tools are obsolete. Modern solutions cast a much wider net for data. That’s where LogicStream leads the industry because of our unique integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems. We handle detailed EHR data such as provider orders, nurse flowsheets, medication administration and organizational structure. We merge data from EHRs, ADSs, wholesalers, time and attendance and other sources to capture a comprehensive clinical data model.

A Quality Data Set Is Half the Challenge

After gathering data from multiple sources, and before applying data science and Machine Learning techniques, we transform raw data into a well-structured vendor-agnostic data set. We automatically map EHR data to ADS data, and likewise for other sources. Our technology smoothes the variation across health systems and across vendors. This unifies information with respect to staff members — you can see a full picture of diversion risk for each staff member even those who work across multiple departments or hospitals or clinics.

Then We Identify Complex Patterns

We use a combination of Artificial Intelligence techniques and clinical rules processing to detect behaviors that are strong indications of diversion. You can eliminate hours of tedious, manual work examining ADS reports. Our software sifts through thousands, or tens of thousands, of new records each day. Normal patient interactions are set aside. Cases of diversion risk are identified. Machine Learning models refine these results to minimize false positives and prioritize risks. An overall Relative Risk Score is computed for each staff member.

Efficient Work Processes Are Key

Automation, even as powerful as LogicStream’s, can’t replace the expertise and knowledge of your Pharmacy and Nursing staff. Sound decisions and prompt action require human judgment, so our software presents users with a manageable daily work queue; facilitates collaboration between Pharmacists and Nurse Managers; allows for assignment and tracking of tasks; and enables efficient investigations and reporting on their outcomes.

Start Quickly — Gain a Long-Term Partner

LogicStream delivers cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Initial implementation requires minimal IT effort. We use out-of-the box integration with data sources — no need to build interfaces or extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. We take pride in our responsiveness to customers’ support needs and their requests for new product features. We view every new customer engagement as the first step to a long-term partnership. We invite you to hear what our customers have to say.

Next Step: Your personalized demo

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