Analytics Partners


Partners in the pharma supply chain, payor, technology, life sciences, R&D and public health segments are connecting with leading healthcare systems through The LogicStream Health Clinical Data Collaborative™.  The reason is simple – availability of unique, de-identified clinical information and instant insights derived from extensive, federated datasets of thousands of hospitals and clinics, offering a vital resource for visibility, health and wellness, and research. Connect today if you would like to partner with LogicStream Health on a customized data solution!


Our supply chain partners rely on clinical data from LogicStream Health for timely signals about medication utilization and demand to detect and prevent disruptions, and ensure availability. Through the Collaborative, payor partners are able to gather aggregated data about member health and wellness. Markets supporting life sciences’ demands for increasingly rapid R&D and trial efforts are able to fill important missing information gaps about care in hospital and clinic settings. We are streaming valuable data to partners, enriching their Machine Learning and AI models, and helping them shorten pathways to innovation while speeding the pace of new approaches in patient care.   


Supply chains across healthcare are seriously stressed. Complete real-time visibility among trading partners at every step in the process from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution, provider utilization and patient care is non-existent. Our clinical dataset is helping life science, distribution, public health and policy-makers better understand, for example, demand patterns for medications based on provider ordering, dispense and administrations at thousands of hospitals and clinics that deliver care to millions of patients. LogicStream data are refreshed every day, helping Clinical Data Partners and our health system customers prevent costly supply disruptions. Connect today to learn more!