2018 Forecast: Trending Key Clinical & Operational Issues Webinar Recap

LogicStream Health aired their most recent webinar: 2018 Forecast: Trending Key Clinical & Operational Issues  February 20 in collaboration with Becker’s Hospital Review and C-Suite Resources With a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the webinar aims to provide an executive-level discussion for C-Suite leaders to highlight major developments affecting healthcare leadership in 2018. In the webinar, LogicStream Health provides viewers with a background and education about the new key issues facing hospitals and systems from recent legislative changes; and seeks to provide viewers with best practices for leaders and clinicians to deliver improved outcomes and drastically reduce costs. Recent changes addressed in the webinar include the healthcare implications of the new tax reform act, hospital consolidation to system consolidation to mega consolidation, vertical integration of insurance networks and other key issues such as shortage of practicing physicians increasing and “value-based” payment models increasing.

The webinar featured Donald Wegmiller, Chairman of the Scottsdale Institute, and Chair/CEO of C-Suite Resources, and Dr. Brita Hansen, Chief Medical Officer at LogicStream Health, where they both shared trending priorities for clinical, operational and executive teams that are necessary in order to thrive in the new era of value-based care. Throughout the presentation, viewers gained insight on how to best prepare their organizations to succeed under increasingly challenging conditions impacting clinician engagement, patient safety and quality, and appropriate utilization. A few key highlights and recommendations Dr. Brita Hansen provides include giving clinicians self-service access to control  clinical processes by directly targeting unnecessary variation  and realize cost containment.

Overall, the webinar seeks to educate the leadership team at hospitals and systems to utilize their diverse resources and knowledge to effectively combat the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

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