For The Record Features Clinical Process Measurement

‘The latest issue of For The Record magazine features a story by LogicStream Health’s own Dan Rubin, MD, MHI on clinical process measurement. The feature, titled ‘Measure Care Processes to Improve Outcomes,’ highlights how health systems can transform care by measuring more than simply patient outcomes. “Transforming health care requires more than just measuring outcomes, which by definition are an end result. To truly transform care, it’s necessary to start much earlier during the provision of care,” Rubin wrote. “This transformation also requires a different type of measurement: clinical process measurement.”

The LogicStream platform is built on the idea of clinical process measurement and allows health systems such as Texas Health Resources, SCL Health, Yale New Haven Health and M Health, formerly Fairview Health Services, to improve patient outcomes and provider satisfaction with the electronic health record. LogicStream clients have had success reducing a variety of hospital acquired conditions such as CAUTI and VTE by measuring their care delivery process, in addition to improving the early detection of Sepsis. LogicStream recently hosted a webinar with SCL Health on CAUTI prevention and the early detection of Sepsis.

Many LogicStream clients start with questions they seek answers for everyday. Some of those questions, using diabetes as an example, are as follows: “How did the providers who met the recommendations for administering the HbA1c test order the test? Were they prompted within the EHR? Or did they remember on their own? Did they use the order set? Did a documentation template remind them to place the order?”

Rubin goes on to demonstrate where clinical process measurement really shines: reduction or elimination of unnecessary variation in care. “Once it’s understood how providers are or are not being guided to the right actions, health care organizations can take steps to improve that guidance.”

This is just a taste of the full content published in the May issue of For The Record magazine. You can read the entire story here.