Drug Diversion App Installed at Several Health Systems

LogicStream Health Installs The Drug Diversion App at Several Health System Innovation Partner Sites

Customers Experience Major Efficiency Gains for Proactive Identification and Better Management of Drug Diversion Investigations

June 30, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE) — The Drug Diversion App from LogicStream Health™ is now implemented at several innovation partner customers. These health systems are experiencing major efficiency gains based on forty automated, proprietary diversion signals. The software was first introduced across the United States in March 2020. It provides proactive identification of clinicians who may be diverting medications, automated assessment of clinical events, and a robust investigation management solution.

“The Drug Diversion App gives clinical and diversion teams access to powerful, actionable, and near-real-time insights on a clinician-by-clinician basis about potential diversion activity,” according to Patrick Yoder, Pharm.D., CEO of LogicStream Health. “They can also see a timeline for each clinician that shows how patterns of behavior are evolving and indicate whether there is cause for investigation.”

Signals, behaviors, and other factors related to diversion are automatically tracked in The App by a powerful algorithm that combines data from electronic health records, automated dispensing cabinets, carousels, and other key clinical sources. These sources and the growing list of diversion signals provide coverage for both nursing units and the use of anesthesia drugs in procedure areas. All of this comes together within the system to produce a risk score specific to each clinician. The Drug Diversion App is one of a set of integrated solutions available from LogicStream Health, so hospitals using The App have an opportunity to leverage that investment to solve other pharmacy-related problems beyond drug diversion. Once The Drug Diversion App is installed and running, there is little or no additional IT effort required to activate The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™. The Drug Shortage App provides early warning of drug shortages by combining data from electronic health records, automated dispensing cabinets, carousels, and other sources to manage shortages more efficiently. Hundreds of hospitals have signed up for The Drug Shortage App since its launch in 2018.

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