LogicStream Health Highly Rated for Overall Performance in New KLAS Clinical Process Improvement Report

“We have saved $750,000 this year as a result of our interventions,” Director-level user at LogicStream Health customer

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. , April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  LogicStream Health, a leading clinical process improvement and control software provider supporting thousands of clinicians at hospitals nationwide, today announced the company is recognized for overall performance in a new KLAS report on clinical process improvement (CPI). The company is highly rated* for physician adherence to standards of care and the strategic guidance it provides to its customers, while exceeding the market average for its strength in identifying improvement opportunities.

One customer interviewed by KLAS for “Clinical Process Improvement 2018: Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes” noted, “The LogicStream system gives us a lot of insight about how we are using things. We can do a lot of optimization and cleanup with that insight. Additionally, the system allows us to see everything that is happening in our EMR, and we can see all of that information in one place. We use that information to facilitate, organize, and prioritize our projects.”

“Inefficient and outdated clinical processes pose a serious risk to patient safety and can lead to a drastic, unnecessary rise in the cost of care,” said Patrick Yoder, LogicStream Health CEO and co-founder. “We’re honored to be recognized by KLAS and our customers as an innovator in this field offering advanced CPI solutions that help healthcare organizations provide the highest quality of care to their patients and have proven to dramatically reduce costs of care delivery.”

According to the report, customers use the insights gleaned from the LogicStream Health software to optimize order sets and other EMR workflows, as well as to highlight coaching opportunities for select clinicians. Customers also described LogicStream Health as a high-touch vendor that quickly responds to service requests.

“We have weekly meetings with LogicStream. They ask us questions and point out any opportunities for improvement,” noted one CMIO. “For example, when we first started working with them, they helped us improve the way we use our EMR. Our people weren’t documenting certain things correctly, and some of our people weren’t adhering to our workflows. Also, the system itself helps us identify opportunities for improvement.”

LogicStream Health’s software was also praised for consistently positive service and relationship experiences that contribute to high ratings. Deployed at hundreds of leading hospitals nationwide, the software has allowed thousands of clinical users to address some of the industry’s most challenging quality initiatives. One physician explained, “The relatively intuitive design of LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement solution makes it user friendly, and it encourages people to use the system. The system reinforces its own future use because it tends to give us the answers we look for.”

*Limited Data Score − less than 15 unique respondents.

**The above commentary collected about LogicStream Health Clinical Process Improvement by KLAS November 2017, © KLAS 2018

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LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s clinical process control and improvement software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform stands alone in its ability to help customers gain instant insights to improve vital clinical processes and patient care. As a result, customers reduce cost and improve outcomes. Healthcare customers are saving millions of dollars with the LogicStream Health platform, for example, by reducing high-cost medications, achieving significant reductions in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and reaching nearly 100 percent compliance with venous thromboembolism (VTE) protocols. The LogicStream Health SaaS platform is ‘must-have’ technology enabling clinical teams to quickly improve clinical processes in near-real-time and is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by end-user clinicians, informaticists, data analysts and executive teams. LogicStream Health, developed by clinicians for clinicians, today is supporting hundreds of hospitals on a scalable and sustainable technology platform to standardize processes and deliver highly reliable healthcare. For more information, please visit