Conference Recap: LogicStream Health at ASHP Midyear 2018

December 2-6, 2018 – LogicStream Health was in Anaheim, California for the 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. While there, we had the pleasure of speaking with many attendees in the pharmacy community and sharing The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health.


The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™  made its debut at The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition on December 2-6 in Anaheim, California.

At our booth, LogicStream Health team members spoke with over one hundred attendees about trending pharmacy topics. They also gave live demonstrations of the Drug Shortage App to those who wanted to see it during the three-day conference. Want to see The Drug Shortage App for yourself? Schedule a demo here!

While attendees weren’t checking out what vendors had to offer at ASHP Midyear they were able to network, attend interactive educational opportunities and more. They could also listen to any of the 500 leading experts speaking on issues relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice.

More About The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health

The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™ quickly and proactively identifies the impact of the accelerating crisis of new medication shortages for hospitals and helps protect the safety of their patients.

Using a proprietary algorithm, The Drug Shortage App provides comprehensive insights into the utilization of drugs in short supply. This empowers pharmacy leaders with the ability to proactively identify the impact of drug shortages, assess possible risks and create action plans to mitigate any adverse effects.

Ultimately, it improves upon the current drug shortage management processes in place at hospitals and health systems to save lives, save time, and save money.

Visit the Drug Shortage Management Software web page for more details.

About LogicStream Health

LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s clinical process control and improvement software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform stands alone in its ability to help customers gain instant insights to improve vital clinical processes and patient care. As a result, customers reduce cost and improve outcomes.

The LogicStream Health SaaS platform is ‘must-have’ technology enabling clinical teams to quickly improve clinical processes in near-real-time and is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by end-user clinicians, informaticists, data analysts and executive teams.

LogicStream Health software today is supporting hundreds of hospitals on a scalable and sustainable technology platform to standardize processes and deliver highly reliable healthcare.