Supply Resiliency Index

Revolutionizing the Drug Supply Chain with AI

Supply Resiliency Index from LogicStream Health™ is a state-of-the-art solution powered by an AI-model to promote data-driven supply transparency and resiliency for nearly every single drug product on the market.

Your Proactive Drug Intelligence System

Designed to meet the evolving and complex dynamics of pharmacy operations, the Supply Resiliency Index provides visibility into comprehensive up-to-date supply risks, enabling a safe and proactive drug supply chain.

Pharmacies and drug supply chain stakeholders can explore these risks alongside important, real-time market factors in the Supply Resiliency Index. This solution is built to efficiently surface the most relevant drug risks and assess how they impact patient care and business operations at your specific organization; empowering optimal data-driven buying decisions.

Valuable Drug Risk Insights

In today’s rapidly changing pharmacy landscape, managing drug supply chain risk efficiently is paramount to success. LogicStream Health’s advanced data science practice developed a sophisticated and high-performing AI model that stratifies the risk of a future shortage or supply disruption. The AI ingests data from numerous sources for nearly every drug product available in the United States to harness timely insights, keeping stakeholders informed and empowered to take decisive actions.

A Strategic Enabler

Supply Resiliency Index is your personalized supply chain risk explorer. Take advantage of insights into shifting market dynamics and drug disruption risks to proactively manage and improve supply chain risks before they impact operations and patient care. Eliminate manual tracking processes and burdensome supply chain situational analysis through this simple-to-use product; informing your buying strategy and operational decisions.

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