Unveiling Tomorrow’s Solutions: A Pharmacy Roundtable Event 

LogicStream hosted an event recently that, for me, illuminates the path to the future. Several of the most accomplished pharmacy operations executives in the business joined the roundtable discussion. It was a platform for current and potential customers to talk about market forces their teams are facing.  And it was a chance for our team to discuss several innovations we’re developing to address opportunities and challenges in the market. In the bustling landscape of pharmacy operations, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the lifeline that propels the industry forward, shaping the future of healthcare delivery. 

Leaders from several health systems kicked things off by discussing the top market forces driving their strategic priorities. These executives provided valuable perspective and insight on topics like bio-pharma optimization, supply chain transparency, and measuring and reducing the impact of drug shortages. It was an energetic, dynamic, collaborative discussion covering real challenges and a range of innovative solutions.  I am confident these insights will drive real improvement for health system pharmacy teams in the near future.  

One key highlight was the review of advanced AI models being developed by LogicStream’s data scientists. The models promise to help health systems proactively manage risks of drug shortages before they occur. The pharmacy executive response to the insights generated by these models was very positive. As a group, a shared sense of active partnership emerged, with strong interest driving the immediate direction of these innovations. Collaboration like this is energizing and powerful! 

Bringing together these thought leaders regularly, I believe, will ignite transformation and shape the future of pharmacy management and operations for years to come.  Indeed, it will lead to improved patient care and safety, as well as stronger health system financial performance. We are looking forward to the first two of many roundtable breakout sessions scheduled in the coming weeks, where as a community we will continue this process of advanced solution design in partnership. 

Stay tuned for future posts.  I’ll be dropping more details about the emerging innovations from these leaders and our team. Together, with the meaningful application of data and AI, we will build a future of drug supply chain safety, efficiency, and resiliency. Better data, better healthcare.

Until Next Time,