Giving Back: Volunteering at The Food Group

LogicStream Health volunteering at The Food Group

LogicStream Health volunteering at The Food Group

Jan. 3, 2019 – To kick off the new year, our LogicStream Health team made its way to New Hope, MN to volunteer with The Food Group.

We prepared food boxes to go to areas in need and packaged popcorn snack bags. We also got to learn about the various ways that The Food Group makes a positive difference in their community.

How We Served

While we were at The Food Group, we rotated between two shifts and teams working on different food activities.

One team worked together to sort food. Food is constantly being donated to The Food Group – enough to fill a warehouse! Before it can get sent to partner locations and distributed throughout the community, it needs to get sorted. We created boxes of food that were smaller and easier to carry. They also contained a better variety of canned goods and other healthy non-perishables.

The second team worked on packaging popcorn. Healthy meal options aren’t the only thing provided by The Food Group. They also acquire large bags of popcorn that they use to create smaller, snack-sized bags for families! The popcorn also goes to partner locations to deliver to areas in need.

The Impact

During our time at The Food Group, we were able to sort four pallets of food boxes and create 850 bags of popcorn. The food boxes weighed 4,400 pounds total. With 22 volunteers present, this equaled 208 meals and almost 39 bags of popcorn per volunteer!

About The Food Group

For more than 40 years, The Food Group has worked to provide good foods to those who need it most in their community. They focus on local food access, equity, and nutrition issues related to food and hunger. They serve more than 32 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Food Group works on both ends of the food system from production to distribution. To build a better local food system for all, they focus on breaking down barriers to growing good food locally and getting good food to those who need it most. There are also multiple programs available. They include food banking, cultural equity, nutritional outreach, direct services, sustainable agriculture and more.

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