Taming the Beast: CDS Knowledge Management

As healthcare organizations become more reliant on clinical decision support (CDS), a new challenge has emerged: staying abreast of rapidly evolving clinical knowledge that doubles every three to five years. Adding to the challenge is the increased dependence on clinical knowledge as decision-making transitions from observation and intuition to reliance on patient-specific data in the context of scientific evidence.

At 12:30 p.m. CDT Wednesday, Aug. 10, Dr. Luis Saldana, Maxine Ketcham and Kanan Garg from Texas Health Resources (THR) will examine the systematic process for managing CDS assets that was capable of identifying broken alerts and trends indicating technical or clinical issues, modifying order sets, and retiring tools that have outlived their usefulness.

The key to THR’s knowledge management success was deployment of the LogicStream Platform, which enables trending over time and allows users to drill down into specific data points, as well as a phased approach to project management that also provides a check list and documents decisions.

Register now for the webinar and learn how THR:

  • Retiredf 18% of order sets across the system
  • Reduced content variances by 94% for targeted diagnoses
  • Retired 43 orphaned stroke order sets
  • Reduced annual alert firings by 1.5M

Following the 45-minute presentation attendees will have a chance to ask questions and learn more about THR’s success and long-term plans for continuing to improve their knowledge management practices.

A recording of the presentation will be available by request following the webinar. Register now and ensure you have a seat at the table for the latest webinar from LogicStream Health.

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