Dr. Peter Chang Featured in healthcare informatics

LogicStream Health client Dr. Peter Chang, CMIO at Tampa General Hospital (TGH), was recently featured in Healthcare Informatics documenting success with new-found standardization and efficacy of treatment for high priority conditions. With the implementation of the LogicStream Health Enterprise Clinical Process Improvement and Control Software Platform at TGH, clinicians developed scalable and repeatable models to tackle difficult initiatives and overall improve patient outcomes.


Dr. Peter Chang, CMIO at Tampa General Hospital

Dr. Peter Chang, CMIO, Tampa General Hospital

“As a doctor, naturally your inclination is to want to make the lives of your patients better and make them live longer with less comorbidities. So this initiative was born out of [simply] providing better care for our patients. And when we looked across the organization, we lacked a lot of standardized methodologies for how we care for them,” says Chang. Through use of the LogicStream Health Platform, clinicians have the ability to improve patient outcomes and compliance with protocols and scale it across the organization. Overall this allows for increased standardization throughout the entire organization, helps clinicians make easy and correct initial decisions and enhance the functionalities of the EHR.

Regarding TGH’s initiatives with sepsis, Chang explains improved protocol compliance with LogicStream Health technologies, “It initiates a chain reaction of events from nurses to physicians to pharmacists to make sure that the correct protocols are being followed. And the use of LogicStream in that sense allows us to analyze the compliance and usage of the elements that we have built into the EHR.” Chang notes an important feature of the LogicStream Health Platform – the ability to provide insights into how people are managing alerts. As a result of this, clinicians have been significantly more engaged in their performance data when it comes to sepsis outcomes. Although challenges continue to be presented by change management within the organization, an ever-changing mindset will quickly allow doctors to understand the importance of compliance with evidence-based best practices.


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