Assess Care Standardization

LogicStream is used to rapidly assess current clinical workflows and clinician behavior around sepsis. These actionable insights inform how to best standardize sepsis detection and care.

Implement Sepsis Detection Protocols

Implement best practice-based sepsis detection protocols and supporting EHR build, informed by current care processes. These tools are managed, tracked and measured in LogicStream.


Complete the feedback loop to ensure compliance with core measures by measuring clinical impact on sepsis detection and care to determine where further improvements can be made.

Our Solution

Download the Solving Sepsis Case Study and learn how LogicStream Health can deliver actionable insights for sepsis detection and prevention. The Centers for Disease Control reported more than 258,000 Americans die every year from sepsis; more than the number of deaths from heart attacks. This number is only a portion of actual deaths related to sepsis since there is no standard definition of what constitutes this often deadly infection. In fact, the AHRQ lists sepsis as the most expensive condition treated in the nation’s hospitals, costing up to $24 billion annually.

While many hospitals have initiatives for the early detection and treatment of sepsis, the lack of effective clinical process measurement after implementation hinders these efforts from reaching their full potential. LogicStream Health’s Enterprise Clinical Process Improvement and Control Software Platform utilizes best practice-based clinical protocols bridge this gap.

With LogicStream Health, health systems can standardize all their clinical content around the early detection of sepsis. Once the content is built and standardized, adherence to standardized workflows can be measured to tie patient results to the care being delivered. This results in highly reliable healthcare that improves patient outcomes. By simply tweaking an ED order set to better guide clinicians to accurately order IV fluids, one client realized a 50% increase in compliance in just one week.

LogicStream Health provides the ability to:

Download the Solving Sepsis Case Study and learn how LogicStream Health can deliver actionable insights for sepsis detection and prevention as well as support clinical process improvement and control throughout your health system. Read more about our other Solutions for hospital acquired conditions like VTE, CLABSI, and CAUTI, content like Order Sets and Value Sets and cost containment related to high-cost medications.

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