High-Cost Meds


Many high-cost medications have lower-cost and equally effective alternatives that aren’t being used. Pharmacy cost containment isĀ  a huge challenge, and high-cost medications are a major contributing factor to rising healthcare costs.


LogicStream Health’s High Cost Medication Solution gives insights to health systems regarding unnecessary order sets and medications with lower-cost alternatives. This reduces costs while maintaining high-level delivery of care.

Our Solution

LogicStream Health delivers practice-based clinical protocols and measurement tools needed to understand how and by whom high-cost medications are ordered. These tools promote effective and efficient identification of opportunities for standardization to ensure optimal results.

The LogicStream Health Clinical Process Improvement solutions provide the ability to:

  • Manage end-to-end ordering processes to align with high-cost medication best practices
  • Rapidly identify and eliminate unnecessary use of targeted medications
  • Measure and monitor ordering patterns and utilization by hospital, department, provider and patient population
  • Consistently manage drug costs

Learn more about how high-cost medication management has been applied by downloading our case study. It outlines how one LogicStream Health client has applied Clinical Process Improvement in its goal of improved pharmacy stewardship and was able to save nearly $4M annually.

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