Too much care variation exists surrounding central line care. Too many order sets exist and workflows are not standardized, resulting in unnecessary CLABSI cases.


LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement Solutions drive standardization and enhance workflow compliance for reduced CLABSI rates.

Our Solution

While many organizations have had some success using comprehensive risk assessment tools and a team-based approach to care to reduce CLABSI, these solutions are often not fully effective, and typically include the need for ongoing training and monitoring.

LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement software solutions drive clinical improvements and enhance workflow compliance.

This is accomplished by:

Now more than ever health systems need to be focused on resolving CLABSI and reducing or eliminating its prevalence in their system.

Find out how LogicStream Health can help you improve patient care around CLABSI and drive organizational excellence and financial performance. Download the CLABSI Reduction Software Overview to learn more.

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