CAUTI is the most common type of healthcare-associated infection (HAI). It leads to an estimated 13,000 attributable deaths annually and contributes an estimated excess length of hospital stay of two to four days.


LogicStream Health CAUTI Prevention Software helps health systems understand, control, improve and manage vital clinical processes. Adherence to evidence-based core prevention strategies and standardized care processes will decrease CAUTI rates.

Our Solution

Nearly 75% of UTIs acquired in the hospital are a result of a urinary catheter. A catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) can result in prolonged hospital stays, increased costs, and higher risk of mortality. It is estimated that each year there are 560,000 catheter associated UTIs resulting in costs of approximately $500M.

By implementing the LogicStream Platform health systems can:

  • Measure Foley placement practices and catheter care
  • Rapidly identify which clinicians, departments and hospitals are ordering Foley catheters outside of approved indications
  • Measure catheter utilization by care clinician, department and hospital to ensure appropriate ordering
  • Rapidly assess documentation around insertion and removal times
  • Eliminate non-reimbursable cost around CAUTI events

Find out how LogicStream can help your organization improve CAUTI prevention and financial performance by downloading our CAUTI report. Learn how SCL Health reduced their CAUTI rate by 30% in just three months through clinical process measurement with the LogicStream Platform.

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