Antibiotic Stewardship


Inappropriate prescribing and utilization practices are leading to increases in infection rates and populations of patients with immune systems that do not respond well to antibiotics.


LogicStream Health guides clinical teams on appropriate utilization for antibiotic stewardship programs and reduces order sets and orderables that can lead to inappropriate prescribing.

Clinical Process Modules for improving Utilization & Cost Containment

To achieve quality and cost containment goals, health systems need to align EHR content and workflows with best practice protocols to ensure appropriate utilization. LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement and Control Software, paired with its Clinical Process Modules based on evidence-based best practices and proven approaches, help organizations accelerate the change process to remove unnecessary variations in care delivery, improve patient care and reduce costs.

Using these modules, health systems have achieved significant results, including:

Antibiotic Stewardship Clinical Process Module

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