Laboratory Utilization


Content built into electronic health record systems is often out-of-date or directs clinicians to order unnecessary and costly tests or procedures.


Quickly search and find EVERY instance of unnecessary or obsolete tests and update your content to improve workflows, clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

Clinical Process Improvement Software Solutions for improving Utilization & Cost Containment

To achieve quality and cost containment goals, health systems need to align EHR content and workflows with best practice protocols to ensure appropriate utilization. LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement and Control Software, paired with its Clinical Process Improvement Software Solutions based on evidence-based best practices and proven approaches, help organizations accelerate the change process to remove unnecessary variations in care delivery, improve patient care and reduce costs.

Using these solutions, health systems have achieved significant results, including:

Laboratory Utilization Clinical Process Improvement Solution

Research has shown the biggest opportunity for savings from appropriate lab test utilization comes not from the most expensive tests, but from lower cost tests that are ordered frequently without providing much benefit for patient care, are repeated unnecessarily, have limited use or have become obsolete. Health systems need to understand who is ordering tests and procedures and provide clear guidance for appropriate utilization. The LogicStream Health Laboratory Utilization Clinical Process Improvement Solution helps health systems standardize clinical protocols and control costs by:

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