Opioid Management


Without self-service access to the information built into the EHR impacting opioid prescribing practices, health systems are not able to efficiently combat the opioid crisis.


LogicStream Health provides instant, highly actionable insights that allow clinical leaders to identify, modify and control proper prescribing practices for targeted medications.

Clinical Process Improvement Solutions for better Utilization & Cost Containment

To achieve quality and cost containment goals, health systems need to align EHR content and workflows with best practice protocols to ensure appropriate utilization. LogicStream Health’s Clinical Process Improvement and Control Software, paired with its Clinical Process Improvement Solutions based on evidence-based best practices and proven approaches, help organizations accelerate the change process to remove unnecessary variations in care delivery, improve patient care and reduce costs.

Using these solutions, health systems have achieved significant results, including:

Opioid Management Clinical Process Improvement Software

Frontline clinical teams need support to improve and better control care delivery processes that too often result in the over-prescription of opioid medications. Rapidly changing guidelines for opioid prescribing necessitate corresponding updates to health system practices, workflows and related EHR content. The LogicStream Health Clinical Process Improvement Solution helps health systems prevent opioid prescribing variation, over-prescription and misuse by improving, standardizing and better controlling clinical processes:

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